Andrey Pushkarev Interview

Here we leave you an interview with one of the most refined DJ’s musically speaking we have ever heard in the island, this is Andrey Pushkarev a Russian DJ who played for us earlier this year in Rancho Relaxo a party brought to us by Robotmusik. Please read and enjoy his wise words:

How was your experience playing in Santo Domingo?
Quite good, thanks! The place where the party took place was beautiful and the crowd reacted amazingly to my music.

What are your plans for the near future?
Any Labels of your own?
The idea of my own label has been spinning around in my head for the past 3 years but, to be honest, I still can’t find a good name for it. As soon as that comes to me, the rest will fall into place immediately.

 Is there an artist you look up to? Maybe a mentor figure.
The concept was formed a long time ago and consists of a specific musical vision/ mood, which you can feel in my sets. I’ll be honest with you, the names of artists and their status don’t mean much for me for quite some time now – the music is the most important thing.

In your spare time, do you have a hobby?
DJ’ing used to be my hobby but now it has engulfed me completely. When I do get some free time I try to be out in the nature as much as possible, so I guess you can call that my current hobby.

Tell us about Kvadrat. If you had to choose, would you do the Project again?
I’m not going to into too much detail describing it, that has been many times in previous interviews (for example: http://www.meoko.net/interviews/exclusive-interviewwith-
andrey-pushkarev-silence-in-musicthe-kvadrat-movie). As for the second part of your question, it’s quite hard to give you one concrete answer considering the experience
already gained. Most likely yes,but many things would most certainly be done differently.

Regularly, every big DJ like you has a tradition to play in a very special place. Please name 2 places in which you feel that your followers have to go and check your performance at least once. Something they can’t miss and why.

My annual performance in Budapest’s A38 club in December. For me it’s almost as a summary of all my work of the year.
I usually play a 5-hour set (minimum), which gives me the chance to show and tell what I want. Frankly speaking, only there (in Budapest’s A38) I can play the “deepest” music you can imagine on a dance floor and the public reacts superbly to it. The other place is Rodnya Club in Moscow. The main advantage is the club’s unique location. It’s really close to railway tracks and my favorite time of day there is sunrise around 7am (I feel like a fish in the water during that time). I just love observing trains and the crowd moving to my music together. That’s why I think that place has something very special and unique about it, something I personally haven’t seen anywhere else.

Can you provide any advice for future generations in the DJ industry? We would like to know your vision.
Concentrate as much as you can on the music, not on yourself and your image.We’re going through tough time now, when the “packaging” is more important than what’s inside. A DJ is, first and foremost, the conductor between people and music and everything else is secondary. If there’s no music, then there wouldn’t be anything. Just try to turn off the sound on any DJ’s set and just watch the video - his/her movements and clothes would look very strange in pure silence.

Aside from Mixcult Radio with Kirill Matveev, Is there another project we must follow for the moment?
Due to quite frequent travels it’s pretty hard to keep up my active participation in any other projects apart from MixCult. I can only contribute guest mixes for other projects and podcasts.

As an artist, What do you feel is your biggest challenge right now?
To continue creating and maintaining my musical vision, while inventing and developing new projects and horizons.

Special Thanks to Luijo.



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